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Hair Stylists in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe

Our hair stylists at Jo Knox Hair Design are the best and most experienced technicians at the lake.

No matter what hair style you wish to attain, you'll find us  competent, talented and professional at what we offer.

Jo Knox Hair Design offers you more than just hair styling.

You'll get a lot of laughs as well because we love cutting up and having fun while we're doing your hair...and...

With over 30 years at the lake, we can tell you just about anything you'd ever want to know about where to go for shopping, entertainment, dining and, maybe, some of the latest gossip (I can't believe I said that) presently surrounding the colorful people here at Lake Tahoe.

You can call for an appointment or just stop by.  We take walk-ins.

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Hair Styling Services We Offer:
  • hair shampooing
  • hair cutting 
  • hair styling
  • comb outs

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Hair stylists got their start in the movie industry, in Hollywood, way back in the 1950's.

Clark Gable and Errol Flynn wore their hair slicked down and that was the "in" look of the day.

The movie industry termed their barbers and beauticians "stylists".

Do you remember the old hair nets that looked like they were more suited for fishing than for hair?  The were used to keep hair in place, along with sprayed on lacquer.

Were you aware that, in those times, men would come into the barbershop every week for a haircut and shave?

They also came in, sometimes, twice a week for a comb out.

You could hardly find a "hair salon" that catered to men before the 1970's.

There was a lot of resistance, by old fashioned barbers, to this change in their industry and many simply went out of business for lack of clients.

The more forward looking realized that this was an opportunity to learn some new skills and expand their businesses into new territory.

These barbers went back to school, got their training and became hair stylists.

They were trained in shampooing, cutting and contouring men's hair to look longer and fuller.

The payoff was in going from barbers, who received $.95 to $1.00 for a haircut, to stylists, who receive much more.

Hairstylists, today, charge from $25.00 to $50.00 a cut for a hair cut or more for hair styling.

So, they've come a long way baby!

At Jo Knox Hair Design, we offer the best of both worlds.  You can choose from having your hair done by a barber or a hairstylist and each of them has the experience and training to a great job on your hair.

If Your Hair Isn't Becoming To You,
You Should Be Coming To Us

DIRECTIONS:  We're Located Right Across Hwy. 28 From Christmas Tree Village, Next Door To The Wildflower Cafe










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