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Barbershop Services We Offer:
  • hair shampooing
  • hair cutting 
  • hair styling
  • fades
  • flat tops
  • crew cuts
  • butch hair cuts

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Barbers and barbering dates back as far as medicine.

Some of my clients say "Jo, how was it back then"...I don't respond.

In ancient times barbers and doctors were considered the same.  Barbers and doctors both practiced blood letting.

If something was wrong with you on the inside, leeches were put on you to draw (suck) the bad blood out of you.

If you had a bad tooth, they would pull your teeth also. 

If something were wrong with your head, like a headache, they would drill or tap into your skull to release the pressure.

Think about this the next time you hop into my barber chair...I'm just kidding.

The barber pole of today is the well recognized red, white and blue. 

In early days of barbering, the pole was red and white only.

The red in the pole stood for the blood and the white stood for the bandage.

Later on, the barbers separated from doctors, and barbers brought in the color blue to show separation.

Ah, too bad the doctors didn't stay with the all my doctor clients have to pay malpractice insurance.

I only pay for liability insurance.

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